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Criteria for selecting a language school costs

Priority in the selection of the language school

Cost is a concern of the language school in each country

If given a point to be worried about in the selection of a language school in a foreign country, living in course content environment, it is the cost. Now it is Canada that is the most common Japanese overseas study destination, the total amount from 50 to 800,000 yen, including living expenses and 12 weeks of tuition, like Australia Japanophile are accustomed to accept many international students a language school in New Zealand would be considered almost as. English-speaking study abroad in the Japanese rate of non-English-speaking European students of low many, public security but is also Malta of the prices are cheap beaten path existence at best, a month 20,000 furnished apartments, including utility costs because - of about 25,000 yen cheaper is the cost of living in the long-term study abroad. Classes will differ by the choice of, but you can also cost of one year of language school in Malta is reduced to about 200 million. Collectively the four countries of the country to continue the stable economic growth entered into China and India, such as the 21 century is called the BRICs, Republic of South Africa to enter into it in English-speaking countries, knowledge by studying the cost of the language school is cheap are we. In addition cheaper cost than Malta, different Cape Town is the Africa of the image is because streets that smell of Europe, will enter one of the choices. Especially Fiji costs that can be studied in about a year from 120 to 2,400,000 yen if the think in priority order, the choices such as Western people to go to this school, the opportunity Thailand in Bangkok and Chiang Mai of people who attend often use many English Japanese also take am pretty.

Basic information of the language school